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Ok so you’re telling me that the Mayan Empire was a very close ally with Germany and North Korea was responsible for its demise?

And England willingly annexed itself into Iran in hopes of obtaining immortality?

And North Korea is a secret relative of both America and Canada, as well as being responsible for America’s temporary demise?

And America would one day form an unbreakable bond with China and the aforementioned partnership will lead to the formation of 2 new countries?




…meh, seems legit.


And now we use one of the most complex pieces of all, the William Tell Overture by Gioachino Rossini. I know I know, an overture should not really be complicated, right? Well, not only is this an Overture, but it is also a symphony in 4 parts. Fist is the prelude, which is somber and supposed to represent the dawning of this masterpiece. The second part is the storm, which creates quite a catastrophe for the music that you’d actually think a storm has just entered. Then for the third part, Ranz de Vaches, the storm has cleared and we are now treated to a pastoral scene. And finally, the most famous of all, the finale, which features a high gallop of victory to gloriously end the peace. The story shall be “The story of a mother”, by Hans Anderson Christensen, though we have applied a few features to fit the music. In this story, a mother goes through thick and thin, no matter the cost, in order to save her infant from the clutches of the angel of Death.

Prelude, or “Dawn”

0:00 Within the city of Copenhagen, a terrible storm has befallen the town in a rainfall so plentiful that one would say it was the second coming of Noah. Within a quaint little house, lighted only be candles, a sad event is taking hold.

0:10 Inside a small bedroom, a poor mother is taking care of her sick baby. Though the disease is should be fatal, she is only missing one ingredient for the cure. The only thing stopping her from retrieving it is the aforementioned rain. There she must content herself to taking care of her child until he is well. 

0:16 Just then, she noticed that the rain started dying down, allowing her to go outside. Promising to return as soon as she finds his cure, she gave the infant a gentle kiss on the forehead and left it to sleep, so that she can find his only hope.

0:44 She applied her coat and retrieved a lantern before venturing outside to search for the last ingredient.

0:55 She hesitated for only a moment before going outside because she wanted to see the child sleep one more time. Unfortunately she knew those desires could not be fulfilled for to delay the search will be to hasten the child’s demise.

1:05 Now having stepped out within the damp outdoors, she desperately searched through all of the fields and parks she could find to locate some dragon fruits, for they are the last ingredient for the infant’s remedy.

1:30 While she was searching and digging, thunder crashed and lightening flashed, signifying the storm returning. She realized that she must work quickly in order to get the medicine.

1:50 Then as she was searching through the fields, she finally found it. She has located a good Dragon’s Fruit, with just the correct ripeness and no sign of any pestilence whatsoever. This would be perfect for her baby.

2:10 While she had a momentary euphoria, the arrival of small raindrops awakened her from her moment. She then made haste back to her quarters to finalize the cure.

2:18 When she arrived at home she laid the ingredients upon her table in order to throw off her coat and set her lantern. She then got to work applying the ingredients to the mixture. 

2:40 When she looked at her mixing bowl, she noticed that the mixture was distilled, making the potion dull and practically useless. Luckily, it was but a simple matter to restir the ingredients together, and after checking to see if the dragon fruit was just right for the cure, she put it in and mixed it with the others.

2:55 The mixture was finally completed and now ready to give to her young son. Noticing that the rain was calming, albeit a little, she opened the window and permitted some drops to enter. She did so because she wanted the fresh air to bathe her face as she silently thanked the good lord that she was on time.

"The Storm"

3:10 As she basked in her natural celebration, she noticed a peculiar stranger marching with a bundle within its arms, braving the stormy weather. He was making his way to a small dingy, though it would be a dangerous move considering the storm was about to pick up again. Believing that her child is safe now, she closed the window, grabbed her lantern and pursued the gentleman of the coming weather.

3:38 As she got closer to the stranger, she noticed a old countenance, giving her fear; for she came to the belief that this man was dead.

3:52 Though of course, another thought came to her, what was the bundle the old corpse-like fellow carrying such a load for. She proceeded to follow him closely, only remaining out of sight, until she acquired a good look at his baggage. Her face became silent and white with horror for the bundle the old man was carrying in his arms…

4:12 …Was none other than the fresh corpse of her own infant! She had completed the potion too late to save him! The old man was really the grim reaper, taking the baby’s soul off until its final resting place.

4:22 The reaper boarded his raft with the child and set off to the garden of the dead. The mother, who refuses to believe that she has failed her son, rushes to a nearby dingy and pursues the deathly figure

4:34 The two faced the ocean storm in a race for the child. The waters recognized the stature of death and calmed for the reapers course to continue. They were not so gentle with the mother, who was merely a mortal, and the waves shook her as if they intended to drown her.

4:45 The reaper’s boat finally escaped her vision, causing her hope to be shaken. However she would not waver, for she knew that if she did, all will be for naught. So she kept braving forward against the waves.

4:55 The waves then merged into a giant tidal wave and struck upon her boat, sinking her and silencing her actions.

5:06 The dingy has been destroyed and the mother has been left to roam the seas hanging on to a single surviving plank of wood. She was at the mercy of the waves, as her only options were to alternate between lamenting her defeat and gasping for air. Luckily the storm started dying with the destruction of the boat.

5:40 Now that the storm has now settled down, she fainted from exhaustion and left direction to the waves.

5:50 The waves were most amiable, as not only did they bring the mother to shore, but they brought her to someplace unexpected.

"Ranz Des Vaches”

6:10 The morning sun shown upon her face as she awoken from her exhaustion. 

6:24 She got up and looked around realizing that she was brought to the garden of death. She knew this because aside from black roses and thorny trees, she also spied flowers that had children’s faces upon them, for each plant represented a human life taken; naturally or unwillingly.

6:36 Knowing that her child is in there somewhere, she cautiously entered the forest to find her son. She tried to be a stealthy as possible, though her attempts push her against the rose thorns, causing her to bleed.

7:05 One of the bushes of heads recognizes the wandering mother as mortal and inquired as to how she arrived and why she is here. She was a bit put off by the talking heads, but she told them that she is here to rescue her child. The bushes pointed her to the direction of the gardener, for she has the authority to help her if she chooses

7:24 Thanking the bush by hugging it (paying no heed to the injuries to her chest), she cautiously rushed through the garden maze to locate the gardener hoping she would be complacent to her cause.

7:44 She then encounters the gardener, who was an old woman with crystals for eyes caring for the flowers. Finding what may be her last hope, she goes to her asking for her help. Unfortunately, she seems to be more concerned with mending the flowers then paying any mind to a stranger.

8:00 Thrusting her from her flowers, she asks for her help, telling her story about how she was robbed right before curing the child, and her trek to meet her.

8:16 After confirming that she is willing to do so, knowing that it would be against the lord’s wishes, she agreed to assist her in exchange for 3 locks of her hair. Using a nearby bush, she cuts off 3 portions of her hair that covered her face and handed them over to the garden keeper. 

8:27 As blood started coming down from her face, the old woman took her to a nest where her baby was to be planted. Once there the old woman told her to hide while she readies a trap for death, who was approaching.

Finale or March of the Swiss Soldiers

8:45 As soon as the reaper appeared, the garden keeper used some magic to command some trees to restrain death. As he is constricted, the babe corspe escapes his embrace and lands softly on the grass below.

8:58 Recognizing her chance, she rushed out from the bushes and stolen the baby from the garden, much to the reaper’s anger

9:10 Letting out a dark wail, he commanded some of the bushes to trap her. While the thorns did injure the mother, she would not be hindered in her rescue.

9:22 Having reached the shore, she wasted no time putting the baby in her boat and preparing to shove off.

9:28 Having made ready, she pushed the boat into the water and quickly entered. She now has to fare her boat against the roaring waves once more.

9:42 Furious at this trespass of law, Death breaks free from his bonds with black angel wings and begins to pursue the mother.

9:54 It is not long before she acknowledges that he has come and a second chase for her child was soon to be at hand.

10:04 Learning from her last experiences with the waves, she moved her boat so as to gain enough traction to maneuver the waves so that she can make a quick escape. All the while making ready her antidote to give to her child so that he can live

10:16 As the reaper was getting closer, the boat now began flying into a frenzy of maneuvers and serpentines. while the pilot manned it to keep the dark angel away. The chase battle was now in full motion to see who can have the life of the infant

10:28 A humungous wave now bursted forth with intent to take the two travelers. The mother’s boat by then received enough traction to fly over the wave as if it was a ramp. The angel of death, seeing a strategical strategy at hand, dived under the water as the wave hit.

10:40 Now past the wave, believing to have lost the reaper, and now nearing the town once more, she opened her medicine bottle and applied the life elixir to her child.

11:00 Death emerged from the waters in a dark glory and attempted once more to take the child. The mother suspected this and having an ore ready, she pushed to the lighthouse, now with her child having finished up the cure. The angel tried reached the boat and extended his hand to take the child when.

11:15 The child had stirred, having now been revived. It was within the fireplace cavern when he started to move. Death, now defeated, vanished as if he was forbidden to enter the lighthouse.

11:28 Now the mother having been victorious, the waves pushed her boat to the shore neatly nestled in the docks.

11:38 As she got out of the boat, the infant opened its eyes once more and extended his little hands towards its mommy.

11:44 Overjoyed the mother embraced her child and tearful happiness. The piece ends after she gives a kiss to her son’s forehead and returns to hugging him.

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PURPLE: I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
YELLOW: I wish we were friends in real life.
RED: I love you with a burning passion.
GREY: I wish we talk more and being friend
TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we’re met
PINK: I love your blog it’s one of my favourite
TEAL: We have a lot in common.
BLUE: You are my tumblr crush.
ORANGE: I don’t like your blog.
GREEN: I think you’re cute.
CORAL: I think you’re beautiful
BLACK: I would date you.
BROWN: I don’t like you.



PURPLEI don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

YELLOWI wish we were friends in real life.

REDI love you with a burning passion.

GREYI wish we talk more and being friend

TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we’re met

PINKI love your blog it’s one of my favourite

TEALWe have a lot in common.

BLUEYou are my tumblr crush.

ORANGEI don’t like your blog.


GREENI think you’re cute.

CORAL: I think you’re beautiful

BLACKI would date you.

BROWNI don’t like you.

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Pocket Princesses 118 - Knitting lesson
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You poor simple fools!


Pocket Princesses 118 - Knitting lesson

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You poor simple fools!
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We begin our second act with Johann Strauss 2’s famous waltz, “the Blue Danube”. When it was featured in the great film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the magnum opus became synonymous with outer space and the future. We here like to fulfill that image with our own interpretation. And so we would like to show you a planet, Blue Moon, that contains alien life that humanity may have the ability to meet. Sure, you may think that it would be science fiction, and you have every right to think so. However, the world described here is an actual theory that science has created, and believes it to be likely.

0:00 We first see crystals, floating within the air, dancing around as if they were ballerinas. 

0:32 We then slowly zoom out and gradually reveal that it is the ring to a large, green gas-giant, floating in space. The giant is 10 times the size of earth and is violently uninhabitable.

0:50 As the planet continued its orbit, a blue moon appears, floating in its own orbit around the planet. The lands upon this moon are covered with a strange vegetation that provides small distinction from the oceans visible on the moon.

1:04 As the moon goes to make a pass around the planet, we decide to zoom on in and see what inhabits this world.

1:16 We then pass through the atmosphere of the globe as well as some fierce storm clouds to find the surface of the world. The surface is covered with a forest of strange indigo vegetation, riddling mammoth cliffs that can shame everest. Upon the more flat-grounded areas, spires with the likeness of a hindu temple and green balloon-like plants rise above the forest of blue leaves. Green clouds can also be seen floating around certain places above the surface.

1:40 We then see the first of the strange creatures that inhabit this world; The Sky Whale. Soaring high above the Pagoda forest, these magnificently humongous creatures have the wingspan of more than 32 ft. They are the largest fliers upon the blue moon. They swim through the air, devouring the green clouds, which are actually plantlike and suitable to eat. With their bloating sonars upon their backs, these whales fly on thermal updrafts. 

2:00 Swooping below the whales’ visions are their greatest predators, the Sky Stalkers. These scouts come from a colony of over 300 insect-like beings , and all of the whom are hungry. The whales are safe as long as they stay in the air.

2:16 The scouts fly below the canopy in order to avoid detection. They must wait until a Sky Whale drops its guard so they can single it out for an all out assault. The sky scouts have 3 eyes on their head, which gives them 360 vision, perfect for both tracking the whales’ movements and navigating the inside of the Pagoda Forest.

2:24 While hunting the whale, they pass by the nest where they originate and we see the workers, patrolling the hive for the purpose of protecting their queen. The Sky Stalkers have a social structure similar to bees, though on a much larger scale. The scouts go out and search for food, while the workers stay and tend to the queen. However, when the target has been confirmed, it is the workers that provide the brute force for such acts. Each member of the hive must do its part to insure the survival.

2:32 And thus we continue to follow the Stalkers fly through the Pagoda Forest, avoiding the sticky crystal tentacles hanging down of the tangled trees. For merely touching these things will spell doom to the hunters

2:40 Now we break off from the scouts and visually trek the tangled trunks of the Pagoda trees. These trees, from the ground up, are 1 mile higher than any tree that can be found on earth.

2:48 Now we come through the top of the ceiling of sky-pods to look at the leaves below. The Pagoda trees have modified their leaves into becoming disks to store all of the rain water that comes in. We can see some of the rain drops enter the pools as we hear the rhythm. From the top and the bottom, the whole forest is connected as if it was one super organism. These trees actually don’t need to obtain water from the ground. It merely collects the rain in its leaves and gravity does the rest. While the water in itself would have collapsed the trees in the weight, the fact that the entire forest is connected grants the trees stability and strength. 

2:58 Hovering and Gliding above the pagoda forest is none other than the Giant Kite. Using their corkscrew tentacles as tools, they are scouring the Pagoda pools for some small helicopter-like bugs living within them. This 16 ft airborne fantasy relies on the winds (which are a plenty here) to keep itself up in the air, using an extra tentacle as a tether to keep its movements under control. Any bugs that it can grab, the tentacle brings it to its mouth not unlike a jellyfish would.

3:18 Underneath the Pagoda forest, in an area where the light has grown dim, the scouts continue upon their quest. The only light within this part of the forest lies within teal-glowing branches and small lantern-like airborne jellyfish.

3:34 Unfortunately one of the scouts took a fatal turn and has gotten himself captured within one of the crystal tentacles. Though it tries desperately to break free, it is of no use, for the scout is now at the mercy of its only predator…

3:48 …The Ghost Trap, which lays itself within one of the wider tree-trunks. It applies another, even larger tentacle upon the stalker and takes it up to devour it.

4:02 Though the scout fights desperately for its freedom, it is ultimately subjected to its suction mouth and stomach, where it will soon be dissolved into its acid.

4:10 The other scouts have heard its dying cries as they went through the forest. However the need to survive and feed drives the others forward and they are compelled to leave their comrade to their fate. They have barely any time or thought to mourn their fellow scout before pushing onwards.

4:18 We then notice a few balloon plants floating within the canopy. These plants look like Hot air balloons and are full of self produced helium. We could also see several other of those balloons rising up from where they came from and taking to the air, while keeping a root as an anchor.

4:32 The scouts manœuvre through the balloon trees still within pursuit of their prey. They move through these plants as if they were waltzing.

4:48 We then look back up to see the sky whales, grazing upon the clouds of vegetation. 

5:08 One of the Sky whales, seeing a large food cloud well below him, dives down and gives a swoop at the food, grazing as he pleases.

5:18 The scouts who were watching closely become calmly excited, for this was the moment they were waiting for.

5:24 Now the scouts stealthily fly to gain altitude, for they must get above the whale if their plan is to succeed. All this while the whale was calmly grazing, oblivious to the fact that it is in mortal danger.

5:39 Now well high above their prey and hidden from the others, they fly low onto the whale’s back. Without triggering the sensors, the Stalkers spray the whale with a powerful, paint-like scent, before diving back into the forest below. The whale is now marked and its location will be known by hive, no matter where it may go.

5:54 As the Stalkers race back to the colony to alert the workers, The pod of Sky Whales, including the target, begin to smell the scent that has been laid. Recognizing it as their enemies, they begin to panic. The target’s only chance is to climb the winds as high as possible to escape.

6:02 The Sky Stalkers return to the hive and to some excitement from the unseen queen. As soon as the Scouts start circling the hive, they let out a strange call different from its regular cries. For this is the signal that a target has been singled out and is ready to attack.

6:22 While the army of warriors is unleashed, and they into the air to claim their meal, the marked whale is trying desperately to climb into the air, now realizing that itself is the target.

6:38 As the warriors take above the trees and begin closing in, it is now apparent that the whale’s attempt to escape has failed. 

6:44 the workers have reached their prey and began attacking the whale, intending to kill it.

6:52 The workers swarm the whale and aimed for the honey-filled wings, while others when to the tail and aimed for the buoyancy cells. The attack was graceful yet savage.

7:05 As the whale’s cries fills the air, it falls down dying while the victorious warriors hover around it and wait for the final strike.

7:22 As the stalker legion swarms the new corpse and rips off the flesh to feed the hive, a lightning storm forms nearby and comes towards our setting.

7:38 As the workers fly to their nest, one of them gets hit by lightning and falls to the deepest part of the bottom, where it will become food to fungi and microscopic scavengers. This persuades the others to hurry and return while they still can.

7:54 The lightning strikes from the storm create an immense fire which seeks to destroy all within its path. Some of the unfortunate victims are several portions of the Pagoda forest and the fresh skeleton of the fallen sky-whale.

8:20 The fires reach the field of the Balloon Plants. Seeing the time has come for them to go, the plants remove themselves from the tethers and take to the air, floating high above the fire below

8:42 When the Balloon Plants come close within range of the storm, each of the Hydrogen filled pods burst and unleash vegetative gas, which merged with the green clouds and then rode the winds until the seeds could materialize and find a new home.

9:00 See all that we could see at that point, We take one last look at the chaos that has arisen below before zooming out to look at the beautiful but violent Blue Moon, and it’s planet.

9:16 And then we zoom out a little bit more to look at its twin suns. Makes the world kind of small don’t you think?

9:30 And now we go into Lightspeed, passing several other planets, stars, comets and moons, as this galaxy is a vast place. The peace stops when, after 50 lightyears, we reach the view of our home world, Earth.

HeroicRebellion turned 2 today!

HeroicRebellion turned 2 today!


Click here for Sorcerer’s Apprentice http://heroicrebellion.tumblr.com/post/58557671199/and-now-for-the-most-famous-member-of-them-all

And now, we shall present to you Richard Strauss’s famous work, Till Eulenspiegel. Now the title character was an old, German folk hero, as well as one of the first Satirical Characters. Till loved to pull pranks on everybody he could meet and even searched through all of Germany for a town, that was completely sane, just so he can descend it into chaos. His favorite targets were of the higher classes and of others that many were displeased of; not because of any heroic gestures, but because people wouldn’t mind if something bad were to happen to them. 

0:00 Icarus Schultz was walking through the forest in order to collect some firewood. He was ordered by his mother to take an apprenticeship to a honey merchant, and he reluctantly agreed. The beehive merchant was cruel and took his playful dreams to be nothing more than that of a child. It is for him that he is sent to capture firewood. Icarus really didn’t want the job at all, but instead wanted a position that the entire town, nay the entire country, looked down upon: the position of a clown.

0:16 While he was gathering the logs, he noticed a golden ring with an owl crest flickering within the water. Having his curiosity incited, he dropped his cargo and went forward to the water to acquire the ring.

0:25 Curious, he put on the ring and next found himself 10 feet into the air!

0:30 Though he was understandably shocked by the endeavor, he recomposed himself and quickly gotten control of his aerial skills.

0:40 When he mastered his flight, he put 2 of his fingers on top his forehead and wiped the sweat. When the sweat flew off and onto the tree, the branch that made contact has melted away. He tried pointing the 2 fingers onto another tree, thinking of a piece of pie. When the experiment succeeded he realized that he could use those fingers to make items bend to his will.

0:58 Having returned to the shop with the firewood for his master, he acquired permission to retire into his room.

1:16 Within his room, he placed upon himself the jester’s costume he has secretly saved from the fire, and made his escape to fulfill his comedic dream! He was Icarus Schultz no more; Now he was the terrible trickster, Till Eulenspiegel!

1:40 His first order of laughter was within Brandenburg, towards a group of prim and proper tailors who refused to do service to anyone who is not as they perceive to be the higher class. Anyone who entered that did not live up to their standards was jeered at by the group and rudely thrown out.

1:58 Knowing that the there will be a swine festival tomorrow, Till Eulenspiegel set to work in preparing his trap. While avoiding being seen, he silently weakened the pillars of the tailor’s building just enough so that it may stand without major disruption. Now all that remains is to wait until the next day when the plan shall be sprung into action.

2:16 That day, sure enough has arrived, and the tailor boys have set up their shop as the big event is about to commence. Eulenspiegel has hidden the damage so perfectly that none of them suspected what was to happen.

2:48 The trumpets have sounded and the big event has begun as every swine within the cage has been released. As the pork scrambled to move about, they were lead to where they were to be butchered. Now along that path the tailor’s headquarters were placed and the pigs furiously plowed through the weak pillars, collapsing the building and catapulting the tailors into the town square, where they are ridiculed, muddied and nude due to the broken wood tearing their clothes off.

3:14 After having his lion’s share of the ridicule (and even starting it), he got up from a roof and stealthily flew off, as it won’t be long before the tailors find out who was responsible for this.

3:32 His next business was in Bremen, where the milkmaids were crude and cranky while selling there milk. Among them was a lovely young girl named Lamme Goedzak. And oh, how the other milkmaids jeered at her for being a novice at the trade, as well as being kind to the customers. 

3:42 When Till entered the town, he thought to himself “trouble thy name is Till Eulenspiegel!” Casually he walked up to the milkmaid market using gold coins which he had “borrowed” from a couple of robbers, he offered to the kind ladies to buy up ALL of the milk within the town. Lamme was the only one who didn’t take his offer, instead decided to slink away calmly, suspecting that something was up.

4:02 As each of the milkmaids poured their milk into the barrel so that they can collect the gold, Till marked each EXACT amount with chalk.

4:14 As the milkmaids came out to work the next day, they noticed one thing they should have before. Almost all of the milk has been bought by the jester who wasn’t even drinking it. And what’s even worse was all of the customers were flocking to Lamme’s shop, as she was the only provider. 

4:25 When Till went into the town square, the milkmaids were prepared to shout at him to return the milk. However, the clown stopped them himself, proclaiming that they will have their milk back for the gold given. However, they were only to take the exact amount back!

4:32 Furious, the milkmaids charged at the barrel, clawing and battling each other in order to be first to regain their dairy. The battling was so furious it toppled the large barrel, flooding the town and soaking the crude milkmaids to tears.

4:42 And lo, all of the abused villagers laughed upon the now humiliated milk maids. Lamme was one of the villagers who laughed the loudest. Of course the targets were furious at Till Eulenspiegel but they were too humiliated and miserable to have at him. So much so they did not notice the chuckling clown collecting his gold and then running off.

4:56 Lamme was able to communicate privately with the trickster before he left. She thanked him for showing the stingy farmer’s maidens what-for and asked him why he did such things. To that question, he answered “because he enjoys being a clown”.

5:20 As with that he flew away, leaving Lamme staring with wonder.

5:25 For his next prank, he stopped by Braunschwig and employed himself as an apprentice to a baker who being arrogant about his work, was incredibly lazy and snobbery with any who try to question his methods. And to top it all off, though it was his workers who did the work, not only did he take all of the credit for it, but he charged ridiculous prices for it to be sold. Needless to say, the baker was the next mark

5:34 While Till was working, the baker decided to go have his usual naps, leaving the clown to do all of the work. Till kindly asked what he should be making. Infuriated and annoyed by the stupid question, he sarcastically suggested he make owls and monkeys out of bread before storming off.

5:40 Seeing this as his opportunity, the jester used his powers and did just that, quietly making a countless amount of owls and monkeys while his boss was asleep. 

5:52 After he was finished, he put all of the breads into the master’s basket and flew off into the corner, where he sold all of the pieces for a low price. Unsurprisingly, the customers were amazed by the new development and flocked to Till to buy his work.

6:28 The lazy baker, having finished his nap, decided to reenter his kitchen to check up on his apprentice. He of course was amazed to find his kitchen in a mess and his apprentice gone with the basket.

6:40 Not taking long to put it together, he realized that his employee has stolen from him. He quickly rushed outside but found out he was too late. All of the bread has been sold to the public. It was such a hot seller, he even lost the basket to the people. He broke down from the realization that the clown humiliated him while the spoken devil himself laughed in silent, before running off.

6:58 Within the distance, a legion of armored warriors gallop forward on their black steeds. Leading them is the Earl of Luenburg, who has secretly betrayed Germany to its enemies and has now prepared to make its move.

7:18 Ready to strike, he uses his army to launch an attack upon Braunschwig, ultimately conquering it. The townspeople were to distracted by their good fortune upon the baker to see the battalion coming their way. His attack was mostly met without resistance, though those who attempted to drive him out were quickly silenced.

8:05 Now stopping by one of the most prestigious universities in Erfurt, Till Eulenspiegel decided to pull some of his pranks upon the elitist students present. 

8:20 after sneaking past the students on patrol and ensuring that the kennels are cleared, he slithered into the barn where the donkeys were.

8:44 After reaching the stables, he used his powers to hypnotize the donkeys and give them singing voices, while making sure they were the worst vocalists ever. While under his power, the jackasses sang horrible tunes so awful that the devil would ask Till to turn it down.

9:12 As soon as the students and faculty realized what was going afoul, they rushed to the pens and tried with all of their might to silence the mules. But alas, The donkeys were not only instructed to keep on singing, but to imagine anyone who tried to stop them as a carrot. What resulted was pain and chaos, as the clown laughed and went on his way.

9:38 While he was flying away, he noticed several soldiers, all of whom under the Earl’s command, attacking the villagers. Thinking they were just abusive soldiers and wanting to have more fun, he decided to make them his next target.

9:50 While to soldiers were busy with their abusing power, Till snuck into the camp of the soldiers and stole one of the horns while memorizing the signal for emergency.

10:02 He then flew out into the towns outskirts and tooted the horn with the greatest volume and with the utmost urgency

10:12 The plan worked and as expected, the soldiers from both the camp and the town came upon horseback weapons a-ready. Meanwhile our comedian silently slipped past the incoming group and made his way into the camp.

10:24 While the army was busy with the distraction, Till Eulenspiegel helped himself to the delicious food and stole as much gold as his pockets could carry.

10:50 When the furious army started coming into view, Till took his chance to make an escape. Unfortunately the soldiers had good eyes and, when spotting him flying, changed course to pursue the object of their anger. 

11:00 As soon as the archers came into range, they were given orders to fire at will. They did so with an arrow to the knee being enough to down the flying jester.

11:12 When he hit the ground, the wicked army wasted no time in binding him and dragging him via horseback to take him to their leader

11:25 As they were entering the came, Till regained enough strength to break free from his bonds and began to fly again.

11:30 Unfortunately it wouldn’t be long after before was staring face to face with the Earl of Leurenburg, whose countenance was plenty to fill our protagonist with fear.

11:35 Seeing himself intrigued by the new power discovered, he grabbed a morning star mace from one of his soldiers and challenged him to a duel.

11:50 Though he was given a mighty sword to defend himself, he tried desperately to call of the match and be granted allowance to leave. Unfortunately the Earl was too bloodthirsty to hear any of his pleas, and the clown was condemned to merely dodge until he can either convince him or find an opening.

12:22 Suddenly, Lamme, who was visiting a nearby town when news reached to her about an invading force, came slowly out of hiding. She originally intended to just see if the rumors were true. Being immediately spotted by the Earl, he called her a spy and lunged forward to punish her for it.

12:32 Till, raising a hand to plead for the girl, accidentally shot a beam from his hand that pierced the head of the evil noble.

12:40 Looking back, he smiled, having gained respect for this clown for defeating him. Within seconds of making this grin, he fell down and perished with his wicked deeds.

12:50 In a silence, the soldiers with him laid down their weapons, abandoned their cause and fled for their lives.

13:00 Horrified with what he has done, he turned away from the female friend he made at Bremen, and flew away to a distant forest. After all, though he did some terrible things to mean people and caused great pain, he never really wanted to take a life.

13:10 Within this forest, he climbed into a tree, threw off the ring and cap, and curled up in a ball crying.

13:44 As he was wallowing in his misery, news was spread, from and by Lamme, to other parts of Germany, how the clown, Till Eulenspiegel saved her and destroyed Germany’s treacherous invaders. Though many persons, some being his targets, rejected this claim of ridiculousness, the better part of Germany began hailing him as a savior. 

14:12 While Icarus was napping in the tree, having cried himself to sleep, he began to hear faint noises he found so interesting that he woke up from his slumber. It didn’t take long for him to discover that the people were chanting for him, much to his shock.

14:26 He then looked down on the jester’s cap and the magic ring, both of which were recently discarded. After some thought, he realized that though he did not become a clown, he became something better. Icarus Schultz became a hero.

14:38 Having reassured himself what he really wanted to do, he climbed down from the tree and refitted himself with the accessories. Reclaiming the name “Till Eulenspigel” once more, he flew off into the air to protect Germany, ending this piece.

And now we will be taking a fifteen minute intermission

sorry that it took so long guys

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Now the very blustery night turned into a very rainy night. And Pooh kept his lonely vigil, hour after hour, after hour - until at last… Pooh fell fast asleep - and began to dream.

Now the very blustery night turned into a very rainy night. And Pooh kept his lonely vigil, hour after hour, after hour - until at last… Pooh fell fast asleep - and began to dream.

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(My) Top 10 Shingeki no Kyojin Characters:
1. Levi Ackerman
2. Jean Kirschtein
3. Bertholdt Hoover
4. Eren Jaeger
5. Erwin Smith
6. Marco Bodt
7. Colossal Titan
8. Female Titan
9. Annie Leonhardt
10. Ymir

yeah, i’d do a small rain-check on the list

(My) Top 10 Shingeki no Kyojin Characters:

1. Levi Ackerman

2. Jean Kirschtein

3. Bertholdt Hoover

4. Eren Jaeger

5. Erwin Smith

6. Marco Bodt

7. Colossal Titan

8. Female Titan

9. Annie Leonhardt

10. Ymir

yeah, i’d do a small rain-check on the list